Tuesday, April 14, 2015

100 days and counting

Dear Readers (a.k.a. Mom),

It has been called to my attention that my blog could be misconstrued as negative press for a country that has had more than its fair share. Because I am unquantifiably grateful to this country for my (almost completed) medical education, and I would not want anything I have written to be used against Cuba by its many enemies, I have decided to take my blog off the internet.

Thank you (all?) for reading!

Jessie (future MD)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

In case you're unaware of the back story:

Bird's eye view of ELAM.

Escuela Latinoamerica de Medicina (ELAM) was founded in 1998 to address the damages wrought by Hurricanes George and Mitch. Scholarships were initially limited to Cubans and students from Honduras, Nicaragua, Haiti and the Dominican Republic. In 2001 the scholarship program was expanded to include students from the United States who hailed from medically underserved communities and pledged to serve these same communities for two years after their graduation.

After a year of completing far too many chemistry courses at two different community colleges, I applied in March for entry in September. By some administrative error on the part of the admissions office, I was accepted, and I fly to Cuba, via Cancun, on the 23rd of August.

I created this blog because people have asked me the most interesting questions about Cuba, to which I do not (yet) know the answers. I hope that I'll be able to answer these questions while I'm here, and if I don't come up with a satisfactory answer, then I invite anyone to investigate personally.